Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jessica Danielle Nordberg

Hey guys. This is my first post and appreciate that you are reading it. I created my blog so that you (whomever you may be) can do more than read a simple status update on facebook. Within this blog, I promise to be honest, straightforward, and somewhat entertaining. I do not, however, promise to display writing that can be defined as "grammitcully correkt," deep or even insightful. It will be filled with thoughts and stories of my time in New York and wherever else life takes me. I would like to start out with some basic facts about myself. After all, this blog is about me...

1. I hate cherry flavored anything but love cherries.
2. I have an older sister whom I hold very close to my heart.
3. Family matters (not the show).
4. I drink anywhere between two and six liters of water daily.
5. I listen to the same songs over and over again.
6. I have an extensive list of places one should not fart.
7. I'm too school for cool.
8. Before any sort of scheduled performance, I must brush and floss my teeth, gargle with mouth wash, and then chew a piece of mint flavored gum for at least a few minutes.
9. I shower daily.
10. I think Nutella is gross.
11. I laugh at things that aren't funny, including my own jokes.
12. My parents are hands down the BEST parents I've ever had.
13. I believe friends are replaceable so don't mess things up.
14. I've been told I'm extremely blunt and sarcastic in my ripe age of 19 but I strongly disagree.
15. I have an obsession with Carrie Underwood.
16. Singing truly makes me feel better.
17. I write. A lot.
18. I enjoy the food network.
19. My dream role is to play a zombie.
20. I like to dye my hair different colors. 

That's enough for you to read for now. Please read, comment on, and ask questions about me or anything that you read. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.



  1. I hope your extensive "no fart zone" list includes my car. Thank you.

  2. 13. I believe friends are replaceable so don't mess things up.
    14. I've been told I'm extremely blunt and sarcastic ... but I strongly disagree.

    HAAAAAAAAAA!!! Deluded or facetious? Either way, I love it! Can't wait to read more!!

    PS A zombie? Really? Hmmmm, I guess everybody's got a dream. ;)

  3. What? You don't like Nutella? Even dipped in strawberries? Wow.....

  4. Kim- Of course NOT!
    Mrs. Snow- Haha. I love zombies and would LOVE to play one. And my friends are extremely important to me.
    Sam- I liked it at one time but had WAY too much and now have a difficult time enjoying it.

    Thanks for reading and following guys :)

  5. Jess - Thriller dance doesn't fit your "zombie role" criteria?