Thursday, January 20, 2011

Katelynne Fissore

My roommate goes by the name of Katelynne Fissore- also Kate, Katie, and Carl- and after this mornings incident, I feel she is worthy of her own entry in my blog (cause it's such a big deal).

Kate is five feet six inches tall, has long curly brown hair, blue eyes and is obsessed with the gym. (I have come to the conclusion that she actually hates working out, but loves being in the vicinity of other individuals who drive themselves to death by way of the treadmill.) The conversations we have with one another are like none you have ever heard.

For example:
Kate: "Jess, did the fill the Brita Machine?"
Jess: "No...."
Kate: "I asked you to do ONE thing and-"
Jess: "It's NOT a MACHINE!"
*Kate puts on a Steelers beanie and it covers all of her hair*
Jess: "Kate, do you want a cute hat to wear?"
Kate: "This is a cute hat."
Jess: "Yeah except you look like a boy."
Kate: "Fine... I'll put on some lip gloss then."

However, the most recent- and my favorite BY FAR- occurred this morning at about 8 am. Kate got back yesterday from a long weekend at home, where unfortunately, she got really sick. So, at beforemyalarmclockwentoff this morning, this is what happened:

*Kate stands at the edge of my bed, trying to wake me up- which takes forever by the way. Finally, I wake up*
Jess: "You okay? What's wrong?"
Kate: "I don't feel good."
Jess: "Oh no. Are you going to throw up? Can I do anything for you?"
Kate: "No... I just wanted to let you know."
Jess: "Ummm... okay. Eat some protein?"
Kate: "Like what?"
Jess: "Eggs? Turkey? Peanut butter?"
Kate: "I'll eat some almonds."
*grabs a handful, goes over to computer, sits back down.*
Jess (to herself): "Good talk, Kate. Good talk."

God bless my roommate.


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